By the Numbers
15 Facts About Tzedakah Every Jew Should Know

In Jewish thought, giving to people in need is not something extra; it’s the correct, honest thing to do.
13 Hanukkah Facts Every Jew Should Know

Become an expert on this widely celebrated but barely understood Jewish wintertime festival.
Me and the Guy in a Pink Tu Tu With a Camera on His Head

Attaining a state of coherence gives us more than a happy brain. It is fundamental to our well-being and ability to cope with the stressors and challenges of life.
How to Light the Menorah
Breeze through the Chanukah Menorah lighting with a step by step guide on everything from which menorah is kosher to how to arrange and light your own menorah.
What Does Chanukah Actually Mean?

People love to joke about the many ways to pronounce and spell Chanukah. But what does chanukah actually mean?
19 Kislev
19 Kislev: The "New Year" of Chassidism
The 19th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev marks the “birth” of Chassidism: the day it was allowed to emerge from the womb of mysticism into the light of day, to grow and develop as an integral part of Torah and Jewish life.
What Happened When I Needed to Work on a Jewish Holiday

The idea of not driving or working on any Jewish holiday was not something I grew up with. Finally, in 2017, I decided that I would no longer work on any Jewish holiday. Of course, until I ran into a major roadblock …
How I Learned to Cry Again

Cynicism tip-toed its way into my life, a soft pitter patter so quiet that I didn’t realize it was coming until it was already standing at my shoulder.
The Miracle of the Menorah and the Deadbeat Husband

“Please, Berish,” said the dying man, closing his eyes, “protect the menorah as though your life depends on it.”
We are "workers of the daytime": our task is not to not to battle darkness but to make light
— Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch (the "Tzemach Tzeddek," 1789-1866)
Print Magazine

Our world today is built upon the foundations of two similar cultures: the Jewish and the Greek. Both treasured the world of ideas.

Yet, to this day, they represent two worldviews, still locked in battle.

To this day, we struggle: Does human dignity mean that our minds are the measure of all things?

Or does it mean...

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