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Without failure, you cannot touch the depths of your soul. Without return, you have yet to redeem its power.

In a moment, you can return to who you really are. Because you never really left.
From the Core

Nobody comes back home because he is commanded to do so.
Exploiting the Darkness

It is not so much where you stand, but with what force you are moving in which direction.
Returning Light

When you come back home, your darkness becomes light.

When light shines, darkness hides. But when darkness shines, everything shines.
The number seven represents the cycle of creation; the number eight represents the "circumference" -- that which lies beyond the perimeter of time and space. This is why the Divine Presence came to dwell in the Israelite camp on the eighth day. This is also alluded to in the saying of our sages (Talmud, Erchin 13b) that "The lyre of Moshiach has eight strings"
— Keli Yakar
Print Magazine

Abraham circumcised Isaac, his son, when he was eight days old. (Genesis 21:4)

We are not Jews by any rational choice.

We are born into a life mission we did not choose.

A male’s entry into the Jewish community is by circumcision—before he has a mind to be reasoned with.

A Jewish woman enters the covenant eight...