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Your Questions
What Does “Klutz” Mean?
Klutz is Yiddish for “piece of wood,” but it means so much more than that.
Is There a Shortcut to Belief?

I envy people who have faith, with their strength and clarity. How can I acquire similar faith?
Why Is the Shabbat Before Passover “Shabbat Hagadol”?

The primary event commemorated on this Shabbat is a great miracle which occurred on this day . . .
On Rabbis and Jews

As a rabbi, I am often asked to pray for people. This one is in need of a blessing for improved health, the other wants to earn a better living, and so it goes.
How to Clean for Passover (in 10 Days or Less)

There’s a saying: “Passover cleaning is not spring cleaning, dirt is not chametz, and children are not the paschal sacrifice.”
Move Your Lips

Judaism is not about disconnecting from the physical to reach the Divine, but bringing the Divine into the physical.
How Missing My Flight Back Home Turned Me in the Right Direction

So many times in my life I had planned out my future, and so many times I had been handed the unexpected. It struck me at that moment that I was experiencing the hand of G‑d literally reaching into my life and changing the course of my future.
Two Old Horses

An old man was sitting in a carriage being led by two very old horses, trekking through the evening snowstorm with ease.
When my father reads "The Rebuke" (the harsh punishments described in Deuteronomy 28), I don't hear curses
— Rabbi DovBer of Lubavitch (son of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi)
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Moses took ownership of the dark as well as the light. He argued not just for the righteous, but also for those who had failed.

When the people angered G‑d with a golden calf only 40 days after the revelation of Absolute Oneness at Mount Sinai, Moses had to admit they had wronged. Yet he did more than plead for them...

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