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Your Questions
Since When Did Mourners Start Saying Kaddish Together?

In the past, only one mourner was honored with the task of saying Kaddish, which makes sense
Is Risky or Experimental Medical Treatment Kosher?

A patient has advanced metastatic cancer and the doctors believe she will succumb. There is one new experimental treatment which may possibly reverse the disease, but the treatment is dangerous, and if it does not succeed it will kill her.
Should You Trust It Will Be Good When Everything Looks Bad?

Even as the cold blade of a sharp sword lies upon your neck…
By the Numbers
4 Strategies for More Meaningful Conversations

Studies show that social interactions, even if very brief, leave us feeling more satisfied and happy.
The Thanksgiving Jew

Why are all Jews called by the name of just one of the tribes, Judah? What is it about thanksgiving that captures the essence of the Children of Israel?
Love or Children?

The loving relationship and the child-rearing partnership highlight two human aspects that relate to the essence of the connection between a man and a woman.
Vayeitzei Parshah Quiz

Take this quiz to see how well you know the parshah of Vayeitzei.
Our Lives
Disabled or Differently-abled?

Chapter 18 of Positivity Bias
Judaism, Jails and Justice: A Conversation With Judge Jack B. Weinstein

The 98-year-old federal jurist speaks about criminal justice, the Aleph Institute, and the Rebbe’s influence on his life and work
What Mikhail Gorbachev Taught Me When I Asked for His Autograph

Every single event, factor and statistical analysis with absolute certainty would predict my future to be the exact opposite of what it is today.
One who possesses understanding without wisdom is like a mighty warrior who is unarmed; one who has wisdom without understanding is like a weakling with armaments.
— Midrash
Print Magazine

When the telephone was first introduced, a wise man was asked, “What can we learn from this contraption?”

He answered, “That which is spoken here is heard there.”

So they asked, “And from the telegraph?”

He replied, “Every word costs.”

“And from the locomotive?”

“Hesitate for a moment and you could lose...