Purim in a Nutshell
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Purim Insights:

On Purim, nothing is as it seems

Of Feasting and Fasting
Why don't we fast on all the Jewish holy days? After all, they celebrate the triumph of the spiritual

Why Yom Kippur, the most spiritual day of the year, is "a day like Purim" — the year's most physical

The Underhand Spin
On Chanukah we spin a dreidel, on Purim we spin the gragger. The difference: where we're spinning from...

A Momentous Year
Most of us have experienced in the course of our lifetimes what we like to call "moments of truth." But can a moment of truth last an entire year?

Think Now
The problem with history? It happened already

Oil and Wine
When a thing is what it is, it's the same from the inside looking out and from the outside looking in

Four Reasons to Be Happy
Four levels of joy: joy as a means, joy ans an end, joy that's simply there, and the joy of Purim...

Why Men Drink on Purim
I tried talking to my inner woman about Purim. She said I didn't get it

Sixty Days of Purim
A "Purim Torah," a kabbalistic view of time, and an inspiring thought from the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Funny Stuff:

Purim Paparazzi

Three Pertinent Points of the Purim Pastry

The Shushan Files (part I)

The Shushan Files (part II)


Esther's Story
Originally, there were two different conceptions of how the miracle of Purim should be commemorated — propagated by the two heroes and founders of Purim, Mordechai and Esther

The Pur of Purim
Why does the name of the festival — the one word chosen to express its essence — refer to a seemingly minor detail of the Purim miracle?

The Thousand Year Difference
The key to the significance of Purim goes back 957 years to a "jarring" experience the people of Israel had underneath Mount Sinai

The Inebrated State
Why do we drink on Purim? Four explanations from the four levels of Torah

The Purim Drunk
Same question, with a parable as an answer



A Purim Secret

Purim Saddam

The Other Purims

"Purim in Kfar Chabad" by chassidic artist Zalman Kleinman
"Purim in Kfar Chabad" by chassidic artist Zalman Kleinman