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Women’s Tanya Class

This women's Tanya class is an interactive spiritual journey where we study, discuss and apply the revolutionary ideas presented in the Tanya, a foremost work of Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism by the Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi.

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Tanya: Chapter 18, Part 1
It's closer than you think: your inborn relationship to the Divine
Tanya: Chapter 18, Part 3
Completely beyond the mind
Tanya: Chapter 19, Part 1
Nature is irrational
Tanya: Chapter 19, Part 2
The general principle of holiness
Tanya: Chapter 19, Part 3
Everyone has their critical point
Tanya: Chapter 20, Part 1
It all is distilled in the first two commandments
Tanya: Chapter 20, Part 2
The true definition of reality
Tanya: Chapter 21, Part 1
The Divine act of revelation
Tanya: Chapter 21, Part 2
Totally subsumed within the Divine
Tanya: Chapter 22, Part 1
The powerful contractions that allow klipah to come into being
Tanya: Chapter 22, Part 2
The source of nurture for the klipah and sitra achra
Tanya: Chapter 22, Part 3
Arrogance is idol worship
Tanya: Chapter 23, Part 1
What would classify Torah? How can you classify a mitzvah?
Tanya: Chapter 23, Part 2
Becoming the embodiment of the Divine will
Tanya: Chapter 23, Part 3
The incredible fusion with the Divine created through Torah study
Tanya: Chapter 23, Part 4
Would you really rather be numb?
Tanya: Chapter 24, Part 1
Align your everyday awareness with your core self
Tanya: Chapter 24, Part 2
Seriously! What could be worse?
Tanya: Chapter 24, Part 3
Would you really rather be numb?
Tanya: Chapter 24, Part 4
At this deciding moment, there is but one question
Tanya: Chapter 24, Part 5
Humiliation is unbearable, even for a moment
Tanya: Chapter 25, Part 1
Clarity is just a thought away
We now look at our everyday choices in a new light; it is not just in extreme situations that our decisions are fundamental. From our greatest choices to those that seem inconsequential, we essentially face the same question every time. And we can connect to our deepest core, our truest desire, in every situation – in just a moment's time.
Tanya: Chapter 25, Part 2
From this space within ourselves, a moment is forever.
Our core self yearns to stay attached to the Divine even at the price of life, and this gives us a new way to see through the haze. The haze of insanity can bring us to draw a distinction between temporary and eternal separation. Don't be fooled. Our core self, our Divine self, transcends time – it rules and dominates time. From this space within ourselves, a moment is forever.
Tanya: Chapter 25, Part 3
You are terrified to lose your relationship. Will you go the extra mile to intensify it?
When your attachment to the Divine is jeopardized, you would give up life itself. All you want is to stay attached, terrified to lose that bond that you already have. But this is purely about loss! What about gain? Are you willing to go the extra mile to intensify and immortalize the bond that you already have? Reach into that space where everything is eternal to inform and drive your everyday conscious.
Tanya: Chapter 25, Part 4
Hashem is forever, His Will is forever. Any contact with the Eternal lasts forever. The act of Torah study, the performance of a mitzvah, are contact with the Divine - creating a fusion that lasts forever. As long as the soul's sensation within the confines of time and space has not been interrupted, this fusion can be sensed within the soul below. And if there has been an interruption, asking for forgiveness restores the awareness and attachment.
Tanya: Chapter 25, Part 5
To live a life truest to yourself, remember what you would give up life for. The generation of Jews entering the Land of Israel was commanded to say the Shema for this very reason. Although no one would stand up against them from without, there is always the battle within. And to win this battle, there is something that must be engraved in your mind always. In this class, we summarize and culminate the unit of chapters 18-25.
Tanya: Chapter 26, Part 1
Being stronger won't help, unless you're happy
Your Divine soul is the stronger of the two souls. But being stronger is not enough! If you want to be victorious in the inner struggle of light over darkness, happiness is key. Sadness is dangerous, and although it has its place, it must be employed only under very specific conditions
Tanya: Chapter 26, Part 2
Pain can come from incredible closeness
Joy is required! To free the heart of any trace of worry or sadness, the Alter Rebbe first explores sadness originating from worldly matters. Examining the advice of our Sages, we come to an incredible realization -- that a person can actually experience joy even in the midst of challenges.
Tanya: Chapter 26, Part 3
Your mood is yours to choose
A person who rejoices in sufferings is called a lover of G-d and is rewarded measure for measure. Now, we move to understanding sadness that comes from spiritual disconnection. While truly, separation from the Divine is a reason to be sad, you still have to be happy. For this kind of sadness, you need will to make the time and have a calm mind. Once you have paid attention to your sadness caused by spiritual disconnection, the subsequent joy is powerful!
Tanya: Chapter 27, Part 1
Having a dark side has some benefits
Working through different causes for depression, we now visit the problem of having involuntary sinful thoughts. This can bring a person down, feeling that they have not made any spiritual progress. The Alter Rebbe turns this scenario around, and brings us to realize that this in fact is a reason for joy! A new way to be close to Hashem!
Tanya: Chapter 27, Part 2
Rethink the way you define success
Each and every time we resist our dark side, we cause a corresponding effect above. The unique flavor of the beinoni's struggles has the power to bring down the root of the evil above. His service is similar to the naturally unpleasant substance that has been seasoned and tempered to become a delicacy that comes to surpass the quality of naturally sweet and delicious foods. The pleasure that this brings Above is the greatest of all.
Tanya: Chapter 27, Part 3
You can make miracles
This class, we finish the chapter. We explore how the practice of self-restraint, of "self-made holiness" creates immense Divine repercussion. The very holiness that we unleash above is drawn down to us, granting us great Divine assistance in our unique mission.
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