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What is the Tanya?
An Introduction to the Book, its Sources and its Composition
Practical Spirituality: An Overview of Tanya
A fast and exciting tour of the structure, contents and flow of Tanya, the foundational text of the Chabad system of chassidism. Perfect for complete beginners and seasoned scholars alike.
The Longer Shorter Way
A Roadmap for Life that Actually Gets You Where You Want To Go
As the most direct and simple line between two points, it is misleadingly the surest way to town; but in truth, the "direct approach" is a dead end
Man as Verb
How the Tanya Overturned the Conventional Conception of Human Fulfillment
I'll let you in on a little surprise: Who says that yourself is the real you? Maybe the real you is not a subject, not an object, but a verb? Maybe the real you is to be found not in who you are but in those things you need to do?
“My Name is . . . and I am a Human Being” - The Practical Guide to Perfection
Imagine asking a Jew, “Did you ever eat on Yom Kippur?” and he answers, “I felt hungry in my stomach.”
What Is the Tanya About?
I was just introduced to the book by a Chabad neighbor, and I’m considering exploring this new area.
Spicy Food: How the Old Heaven Became the New Hell
One day about 200 years ago there was a fire in hell. The whole place burned down. It was bound to happen, with those infernal fires burning night and day and the old devils getting careless over the years...
Transforming the Self
The book of Tanya, a masterpiece of Chassidic philosophy, has captured the mind and heart of many. What is its message?
An Arabic Translation of the Tanya
Rabbi David Bouskila translated the Tanya into Arabic thinking that he would enable Jews from Arabic-speaking countries to learn about G-d. Little did he know, he was stepping into the middle of an age-old cosmic battle and turning the tides of the war... (1980)
Accessing the Hidden Love
Why was the Tanya so novel? Who was the Rebbe's target audience and what was his objective for them? Looking no further than the Tanya's title page we read the Rebbe's self-stated mission statement spelled out lucidly.
Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Tanya
Born at a time of bloody revolutions and a changing world order, the Tanya seeks to achieve a change in the way Jews perceive themselves in the world.
The Tanya: The “One-Size-Fits-All” Manual for Real Life
Imagine trying to instruct all of the Jewish people for all time in every area of their lives.
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