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Pearls of Wisdom from Rabbi Gordon’s Daily Classes

Pearls of wisdom, humor and brief insights culled from Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon's monumental daily Chumash and Tanya class.

Tanya Navigator
Why the Alter Rebbe Wrote Tanya
The Alter Rebbe’s decision to write a book that would serve as a practical guide for life.
Why Tanya Means Strength
The hidden meaning of the first word of Tanya and the power to transform ourselves.
Who is a Tzaddik?
Video | 2:18
Who is a Tzaddik?
The difference between the causal usage of the term "tzaddik" and the Alter Rebbe's definition of the word in Tanya.
What are
Rabbi Gordon clarifies the definition of two common kabbalistic expressions for evil.
Self-Serving Kindness
Are we kind because it feels good or because it's the right thing to do?
What Your Soul Is Wearing
The difference between who you are and what you do.
How Torah is Like Water
Why the Torah is sometimes compared to water rather than light.
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