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The Rebbe on Tanya

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A Three-Part Vow
29 Elul, 5740 • September 10, 1980
Tanya begins with a passage from the Talmud: “An oath is administered to the soul before it is born into the world: Be righteous and be not wicked.” The root of the Hebrew word for “oath” connotes not only G-d’s entreaty to the soul; it reveals that through this oath, G-d fills the soul with brimming capacity to accomplish its mission below.
The Purpose of Evil
Why is there evil in this world?
The seminal book of Chasidic philosophy, the Tanya, teaches that each Jew has two inclinations within themselves. One is good, advising him to follow the Torah and perform Mitzvos, and the other is the opposite.
The Beinoni
Video | 6:01
The Beinoni
11 Iyar, 5748 · April 28, 1988
Tanya opens with a Talmudic passage: “Every Jew, before he is born, is administered an oath: ‘Be righteous, and be not wicked’” -- if it is not possible for you to achieve the level of the righteous, at least do not be wicked; be a ‘Beinoni - intermediate.’ This is followed by an extensive discussion defining the spiritual level and service of the Beinoni - that “he has never sinned, and never will sin…”
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