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Chapter Summaries

Tanya Navigator
Tanya with Manis Friedman
These classes provide an overview of each chapter of Tanya as they expound on the main concepts and themes to be encountered.
Tanya Basics: A Spiritual Guide for Life
These classes present an overview of the primary ideas discussed in the book of Tanya and their relevance in modern times. Each class covers one chapter, providing a summary of the main points and their practical application for an enhanced spiritual life.
Learn a synopsis of the daily portion of Tanya with Nechama Caplan, as she clearly conveys the main points and brings it down into a thought for the day.
Tanya in Five
A brief digest of the daily Tanya lesson
Tanya Recap
Listen to a brief synopsis of the daily Tanya lesson with Rabbi Avraham Zajac.
Tanya to Transform
Learn the daily portion of Tanya in English.
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