"And charity like a mighty (Eitan) river" (Amos, end of ch. 5). The meaning is that charity will be like the river Eitan, issuing from the state of Eitan, the state of "point in its chamber," and "two comrades ..." The letters of the word Eitan indicate the future tense, "I am destined to reveal myself," as written, "See, my servant will be wise ..." This means that at that time the blessed Infinite Light and His Unity will be revealed within the depth of the core of the heart by calling forth the river Eitan, which is a radiance of the supernal wisdom that will illuminate the inwardness of the heart. Then he will be nullified utterly in His unity, blessed be He, from the depths of the heart, after removing the orla of physical lusts...

At present, during the exile of this folk, counsel is offered to bring a mite of the illumination of the Light of G‑d from the state of Eitan into the core of the depth of the heart, in the fashion of the Time to Come. This is through arousing the plenteous mercies above for the G‑dly spark within his soul. For in truth, so long as man does not merit the revelation of the light of G‑d of the state of Eitan in the core of the inwardness of his heart, to become nullified in His unity, blessed be He, until the very expiration of the soul, then it is indeed a great pity on the spark within his soul. For that spark is drawn from the state of the Supernal Wisdom itself, and when it cannot illuminate from its own state into the internality of the heart, which is the proper place for the revelation of this Light, then it is actually in exile.

Through the plentiful mercies on high, however, it goes out of exile and imprisonment, and illuminates the core of the inmost of the heart with this great love, as known from the verse, "For Jacob who has redeemed Abraham," and as noted in Likutei Amarim I, ch. 45.

It is known that the arousal from above is dependent on the arousal from below, meaning that through arousing great mercies in the hearts of the merciful and kindly, to grant a beneficence below physically, gold and silver ... Therefore the work of charity is actually the work of the river Eitan.

All know the verse, "Skin for skin, but all man possesses he will give for his soul," his G‑dly soul, to illumine it with the light of life, the Infinite, blessed be He.