To understand the details of the laws that never occur at all, and probably never actually existed, and certainly will not come to pass in the Time To Come, for example the detailed laws of pigul and the like.

It is known that every prohibited thing in this world has a source and root of life in Kelipot. Otherwise, it could not exist in this world, without the flow (of life) from above. Even one who dandifies his hair, and the like, receives his life-force at that moment from the chambers of kelipot, as explained in Zohar. Therefore even the particular prohibitions that never became practical issues in this physical world, still the source of their life does actually exist in the chambers of the kelipot.

There are instances that possibly never did and can never actually occur, for instance errors and unwitting misdeeds like erroneously calling the ninth "tenth ..." and the like, eventualities that cannot be deliberate so that the kelipah may inhabit it. Possibly in these circumstances it does not exist in the chambers of the kelipot. [It appears to me that his use of the word "possibly," implying uncertainty, is because unwitting errors come from nogah. Therefore it may be that their origin is in the chambers of nogah.— This gloss was inserted into the text by the Tzemach Tzedek.] In any event it does exist lehavdil in the Supreme Wisdom and issued and descended in this detail to Moses on Sinai, [as the expression, "Whatever] any valid student will originate ..." and all the detailed queries of R. Yirmiah, "If she wrapped him ..." in ch. 4 of Chulin.

For the extension of the Supreme Wisdom is Infinite, since the Infinite is actually clothed in it. Every particular of the law is a "hair" drawn from the Supreme Wisdom that "established the daughter," and is clothed in it, and is drawn from it to be invested in Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah. It is known that the nurture of the kelipot is from the backpart of the Ten sacred Sefirot, and more precisely from the garments of the Ten Sefirot of Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah, and more precisely, from Yetzirah-Asiyah that are intermingled with kelipot, as is known that their nurture is from the state of garments.

Through the study of the laws, in speech and in thought, they become separated and distinct from the sacred. It is so stated in Tikunim and Ray a Mehemna, "To separate [...]." As noted in the comment, "For they did not recite the Torah blessing before ..." This is effected by calling forth the Infinite Light into the Supreme Wisdom clothed in them (the laws). "Through chochmah (wisdom) are they purified"— through the Infinite Light that is within it.

This Light is drawn into the Supreme Wisdom by the supernal "likeness" of man who is also occupied with these laws above in his source in nukva of the Minor Visage of Beriah, Yetzirah and Asiyah.

Thus we can understand the requirement that every nefesh-ruach-neshamah fulfil all 613 commandments in thought, speech, and deed, meaning all the details of the laws. They must again descend into the mundane world to fulfil the Torah in all four Pardess aspects, in order to purify all that pertain to them of the 288. This constitutes the complete structure of man, the 613 categories, general and particular.

But in the Time to Come, when the purification is culminated, then the study of Torah will be in the form of "Do good" alone. Its purpose will be to elevate nefesh-ruach-neshama ever and infinitely higher; and also in the 365 prohibitions, to elevate them to their source, the Sacred Severities, and to "sweeten" them with Kindnesses of the 248 positive commandments and to unite them.

Thus is the entire Torah eternal in general and in detail. Even the individual laws of the 365 prohibitions are branches of the generalities. All of them have a source above in the Five Severities of sanctity, just as the 365 prohibitions themselves as they are above in the state of "blood" that vivifies the vessels of the Minor Visage.