Examine Etz Chayim, Shaar Hanekudot 8:6, the statement that there can be no "turning of face to face" except through mitzvot requiring action exclusively. The that good deeds cause the supernal union ...

The understanding of why mitzvot which require action specifically have this effect lies in the statement in Shaar Ma'n Uma'd, that the first step must be elevation of mayin nukvin of nukva of the Minor Visage, and the mayin nukvin of nukva is the state of action, as explained there, ch. 1.

Good deeds are described as trimming and hacking off the thistles that attach themselves to the hinderpart, the state of deed, as written in Shaar 47:5. This pruning is effected through elevating the element of good concealed in them, that is enclothed in mitzvot of action, elevating it to its source, to the sanctity of Atzilut that has already been purified.

The statement there that Adam made rectification through prayer as well, means through the utterances of speech, for the movement of the lips is also deemed a deed. Utterances are from the vivifying soul in the body and his blood, whose source is in nogah.

The purifications of Asiyah ascend to Yetzirah through the name of ba'n, and from Yetzirah to Beriah and Atzilut, as noted in Shaar Man, Drush 11:7.

Thus we can understand why mere thought accomplishes nothing, for without elevating mayin nukvin from the "kings of nogah" it is impossible to draw forth drops from above to effect the union of zu'n, for its desire is to seek it nurture from its "mother" rather than giving forth for the lower realms, as written in Shaar Man, Drush 2. See also Zohar parshat Pekudei, 244b, that there is an order ... to gaze upon ... These are the intentions in worship, and the supernal unions, for those who know and understand how to "gaze upon ..." For their very own nefesh-ruach-neshama are man, with selfless devotion for the Torah, and during the Tach'nun prayer, as is known.

[The reader is referred to Tanya I, chs. 39 and 40.]