It is known that an arousal from below, when man arouses in his heart the trait of kindness and compassion for all those in need of compassion, this elicits an arousal from above, i.e. an arousal of great compassion upon him from the source of compassion, to effuse unto him the "Fruits in this world, while the principal remains for the world to come." This means: "the fruits" refers to the effluence effusing from the Source of compassion and Fountainhead of life, blessed is He. It issues netherwards, in the mode of the evolution of the worlds from above downwards .... until it vests itself in this world in children, life and sustenance ... The "principal" is, as it is written: "Mitzvatecha (Your commandment) is very wide." Now it should say mitzvotecha— in plural form ! ( The phraseology of "is wide" is also not comprehensible.)

However, the express form of mitzvatecha refers to the precept of charity, which is truly the Mitzvah of the Lord, which the Holy One, blessed is He, Himself, in all His majesty, performs at all times by animating the worlds, and will do so in the future with exceeding uplifting and force. And thus it is written: "And they shall observe the way of the Lord, to do tzedakah . .." Metaphorically speaking, like unto a road on which one goes from one city to another, so, too, charity is a capacity for a manifestation and radiation of the light of the blessed En Sof which encompasses all worlds, so that in the future, at the resurrection of the dead, it will radiate, and become manifest, even to this world, through the arousal from below as an expression of charity and gratuitous kindness, [with an uplifting and force infinitely exceeding the state of manifestation of the radiation in the upper and lower Gardens of Eden]. For in the future all the souls of the tzadikim, and of the Tannaim and the prophets that are now in the upper Garden of Eden, at the peak of levels, will become vested in their bodies, and they will arise at the time of the resurrection to derive pleasure from the splendour of the Shechinah.

That is, the manifestation and the radiation as it is in the Garden of Eden is of the level of memale kol almin, This is a level of the evolution from one rung to another by means of immense contractions, and as the saying of our sages, of blessed memory: "The world to come was created by the yud"— the sphere of the Supreme chochmah, referred to as the upper Eden, and evolving and vesting itself in all the worlds, as it is written: "You have made them all with chochnah .. ." and "chochmah animates ..." In the Garden of Eden (the sphere of chochmah) is in a state of manifest apprehension to each according to his measure. For as known, the delight of the souls in the Garden of Eden derives from the apprehension of the secrets of the Torah with which one busied oneself in this world with the revealed (parts of Torah) [as mentioned in the sacred Zohar, section Shlach, and in the Gemara with reference to the occurrence with Rabba bar Nachmeni].

The manifestation of the radiation at the time of the resurrection, however, will be from the level of sovev kol almin, which is not in a state of contraction (tzimtzum), measure and limit, but without limit and end [as the concept of sovev kol almin has been explained in Likutei Amarim, ch. 48, not to be in its literal sense— like unto a circle, Heaven forfend, but only that it is not in a state of investment .... note there carefully].

And this is the meaning of what our sages, of blessed memory, said: "And their crowns on their heads, and they take delight ..." A crown (atarah) is something that encompasses and encircles, and is called keter [an idiom of koteret ] . It is the aspect of the intermediary which joins the radiation of the Emanator, the blessed En Sof, to the emanated, and in the future it will radiate and become revealed in this world unto all the righteous who will rise with the resurrection ( "And Your people, they are all righteous ..." ). And this is the meaning of what our sages, of blessed memory, said: "In the future the righteous will be addressed as holy ." Holy is a rank of being separated; it is not subject to apprehension and knowledge, because it transcends the rank of the wisdom and knowledge which there is in the Garden of Eden. Thus Scripture states: "Chochmah shall be found from ayin"— i.e. (from) the rank of the Supreme keter which, in the sacred Zohar, is called ayin; its effluence and radiation are in a state of manifestation only when [after the resurrection] the soul is vested in a pure and clear body. For "Their beginning is wedged— expressly— in their end," and "The result of the act is first in thought ...", as known. But it is impossible to reach this level until one has been first in the Garden of Eden, to apprehend the aspect of the Supreme chochmah according to his measure, and "The dew of Torah revives him"— "And when you will awaken it will speak for you ..." and suffice it for the initiated.

And this is the meaning of "And mitzvatecha is very wide," i.e. the precept of charity, which is a vessel and a very wide area in which the radiation from the light of the blessed En Sof is invested ( and as it is written: His garment is tzedakah ) which in the future will radiate without limit and end, because of the gratuitous kindness in the arousal from below, called "the way of the Lord." And that is the meaning of the phraseology "very (wide)," because it is without limit and end. But "To every tichlah I have seen an end;" tichlah is an idiom of kalot hanefesh, the yearning of the soul in the Garden of Eden, for there it is in a mode of end, limit and contraction, as mentioned above. And (the reason it says) "to every tichlah," is because there are numerous levels and rungs of Gan Eden, one higher than the other, to the topmost of levels, as mentioned in Likutei Hashass by R. Isaac Luria, of blessed memory, in explanation of the saying of our sages, of blessed memory: "Scholars (of Torah) have no rest ...." because they rise constantly— from level to level— in the apprehension of the Torah, which had no end .... until after the resurrection, when they will have rest....