Upon his arrival from Petersburg "I have become small from all the favours and from all..." This means that by every favour (chesed) that G‑d bestows upon man, (man) is to become very humble. For "chesed is the right arm," and "His right arm embraces me,"— which refers to the state of G‑d actually bringing him close (to Himself), far more intensely than before. And whoever is close to G‑d, with ever exceeding uplifting and elevation, must be ever more humble— to the lowliest plane, as it is written: "From afar the Lord has appeared to me." And as known, "All that are before Him are esteemed as nothing." Hence, whoever is more "before Him" is that much more as nothing, naught, and non-existent.

And this is the rank of the "right side" of holiness, and of "chesed unto Abraham" who said: "And I am dust and ashes." This (humility) is also the trait of Jacob, and therewith he justified himself for his fear of Esau and did not rely on the promise given to him— "And, behold, I am with you..," (That is), because Jacob regarded himself as utterly insignificant [because of the multitude of favours, "for with my staff..." ], and as unfit and unworthy to be saved ... and as the saying of our sages, of blessed memory, "maybe sin will cause ...." for it appeared to him that he had sinned.

It is different, though, with the corresponding opposite, i.e. Ishmael "chesed of kelipah" : the more kindness (manifested to him), the more he grows in pride, haughtiness and self-satisfaction.

Therefore I come with a general announcement to inform all our followers regarding the multitude of favours— "The great things that the Lord has done with us" : to hold on to the attributes of Jacob, the "remnant of His people" and the "remainder of Israel," who regards himself truly as remnants and excess that is of no use. They are not to become haughty-minded in relation to their brethren ... not to speak defiantly against them or hiss at them, Heaven forfend. A strict warning: hold your peace! No mention is to be made ! Rather, they are to subdue their spirit and heart before everyone according to the attribute of "Truth (emet) unto Jacob," with humility and a "Soft answer that turns away anger," and with a restrained spirit ... And, maybe, through all that G‑d will put into the heart of their brethren that "as waters (reflect) the face.. ."