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Kabbalah and the Psychology of the Soul

A series of video classes that expound upon mystical themes from the classic Chassidic work of Tanya.

Tanya Navigator
There’s No Other Reality
G-d spoke and the world came to be. If G-d would cease to continuously recreate the miracle of creation, the world would cease to be.
The Akeidah
Video | 27:45
The Akeidah
The Binding of Issac
The Binding of Issac and the Meaning of Jewish Martyrdom
The Jewish Idea of Sacrifice
What, in the final analysis, do we have to give to our Creator, the source of all we have?
Studying Torah
Video | 28:06
Studying Torah
Merging the Finite and the Infinite
An Act of Connection
On the Meaning of the Mitzvah
G-d's Modesty
Video | 26:53
G-d's Modesty
Why is the after-life never once mentioned in the Torah?
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