Main Dish

Tzimmes-Smothered Chicken
One-pan super-soft chicken with sweet carrot tzimmes
Sticky Beef Ribs with Dried Fig Wine Sauce
It doesn't get sticker, richer or more delicious than this. Slow cooked beef ribs infused with deep figs, red wine and a touch of rosemary. The neighbors will come knocking!
Add some zing to your Rosh Hashanah menu with this delectable roast.
Oven-Fried Schnitzel with Apricot Dipping Sauce
Do you dream about making schnitzel without all the labor-intensive work? If so, this recipe is for you.
I spent 40 years working outside the home. The Holidays used to pose a challenge until I started cooking brisket in the microwave.
Roast Shoulder of Veal
If you prefer top of the stove cooking, you will enjoy this recipe...
Roast Turkey
Roast turkey is a popular dish when entertaining a large group for a special dinner...
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