The Book of Life is the story of the coming year, written anew every Rosh Hashanah.

But the Book of Life is not authored like other books. In this book, the characters inform the Author how the story should be told.

Isn’t this strange, that a created being should take part in its own creation? Can a caricature hold the pencil in his artist’s hand? Can the characters of your own story edit your words? Can the figments of your own imagination tell you what to imagine?

Yet here we are, created beings pleading with our Creator, “Grant us life! Good life! Nice things! Be out there, in the open! Get more involved with your world!”

Here we are, in the inner chamber of the Divine Mind, where it is determined whether we should be or not be, participating in that decision.

We are created beings, yet there is something of us that lies beyond creation.