On Rosh Hashanah, G‑d puts Himself on trial.

G‑d is beyond this world He has made, but He is found within it, as well. He is found in every atom, in every event, in every life of this world.

If so, though it may sound strange, He, as He is beyond this world, takes Himself, as He is present within this world, to trial.

“Is there meaning to be found,” He asks Himself, “in sustaining this world and all that inhabits it?”

Who will plead on His behalf? We, the human being. We act as the defense. We must demonstrate that, yes, there is awe, there is love, there is meaning, there is purpose in every detail of our life, and it is good.

In truth, we need only awaken the spark of G‑d within our own souls. That spark within us connects with the Infinite Light of G‑d above. The circuit is complete and a new universe begins.

Each year, it is a different world, an entirely new world. A world of even greater meaning.