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Articles by Chaya Shuchat

A collection of articles by Chaya Shuchat

Beating the Odds
They determine who will die, and when. They control the weather, the stock market, and whose car will spring a flat tire during rush hour. Powerful things, the Odds
Written Word, Spoken Word
Compliments are rare. My critics are not shy and freely express their displeasure with my work. At the end of the day, I feel drained to my last drop of energy. So why do I bother teaching?
Eight Degrees of Giving
Preserving the dignity of the receiver is a cornerstone of mitzvah of charity: Maimonides lists eight levels of giving, correlating to the degree to which the giver is sensitive to the needs and feelings of the recipient
Nice Guys Finish Last
Their job was to bring up the rear and gather up any objects left behind--missing socks, perhaps, or lost children... It's not a very glorious role
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