We hereby publish this maamar entitled Heichaltzu 5659 [1898].1
According to the directive of my father-in-law, the Rebbe [Rayatz], it should be studied both publicly and privately from time to time.

Only the first twenty chapters of the maamar were delivered at the time by the Rebbe Rashab, of blessed memory. They were then copied by hand and mimeographed in hundreds and thousands of copies. Chapter 21-32 are hereby published for the first time from his original manuscript.

Following the instruction of my father-in-law, the Rebbe:

(a) We have appended a maamar that he delivered in 5694 [1933], though in slightly different order; it was based on the above maamar , and prompted by circumstances similar to those that gave rise to the original discourse. We have likewise included a talk that he once delivered concerning Heichaltzu , and one of his letters on the same subject.

(b) Summaries have been added to all the chapters of both maamarim.

(c) I have indicated certain source references and added marginal notes.

[Signed:] Menachem Schneerson

24 Tishrei, 5709

Brooklyn, N.Y.