Thankfully, the first English edition of Heichaltzu: A Chassidic Discourse on Ahavas Yisrael was quickly bought up by thousands of eager learners.

This in-depth discussion of the spiritual seeds of divisiveness and dissension did not sprout in a vacuum, nor was it meant to be studied in a vacuum. It was meant to be used. In response to its call, anyone who calls himself a chassid will surely concede that whatever his spiritual stature, there is still room for making his own interpersonal contacts less judgmental and less abrasive, a little mellower and a little humbler.

In this spirit, significantly, the last sichah that we heard from the Rebbe’s mouth before 27 Adar I, 5752 [1992],1urged us to reach out to all our fellow chassidim and to all our fellow Jews with unconditional love and with a sense of corporate unity. This, then, is our task until the galus -clouds lift. And we have the Rebbe’s assurance that making this effort will disperse them.

Sichos In English
2 Nissan, 5756 (1996)
Anniversary of the passingof the Rebbe Rashab