1.Square brackets [ ] indicate editorial insertions.

2.Parentheses ( ) in the text except for those enclosing sources were inserted by the respective authors.

3.In the first edition of this translation, a few parenthetical phrases and most of the source references that appeared in the original Hebrew edition were relegated to the footnotes, for reasons of style. However, when the Rebbe approved the English manuscript for publication at that time, just before Beis Nissan, 5748 [1988], he directed that whatever phrases and sources were originally in the body of the Hebrew text should be reinstated there when the time came for a second English edition. Accordingly, the textual integrity of this classic maamar has now been restored.

4.The sources and notes at the foot of the pages of the Hebrew edition were supplied by the Rebbe, of righteous memory. Those added in the translated edition are enclosed by square brackets [ ].