By the Grace of G‑d
7 Av, 5713 [19 July, 1953]
Brooklyn, NY

Certain areas in the field of commerce are currently not realizing expectations. Undoubtedly we must view this is a test from G‑d. Though He knows that the Jewish heart is always open, and at all times ready to heed the call of Torah and mitzvot, still, He tests us in order to satisfy the reluctant-to-believe angels of the Heavenly Court.

G‑d therefore says to them:

"See, despite the natural tendency to decrease in tzedakah when business is not as it once was, here is a wise Jew, who understands that this is only an attempt to test him. He also understands that when he will withstand the test – and will then understand the real intent behind it all – not only will his business be as prosperous as beforehand, but it will be better than before.

He tests us in order to satisfy the reluctant-to-believe angels of the Heavenly Court"For a father loves when his son understands the true intention of his father's actions; and the more the child demonstrates his wisdom, so much greater are the gifts that he receives from his father."

Businesspeople say that a veteran in the field has a better grasp of commerce concepts. As you are in business already for a long time, you should be able to understand G‑d's intention in this all.

Just as you would stand firm with any good investment, the same applies here. Not only should we not decrease G‑d's share, to the contrary, we should give even more on His account. Then G‑d will fulfill his assurance stated in the Torah: Aser bishvil shetisasher" – "Give a tenth to charity in order that you become wealthy" – and He will give His "partner" an even greater income than before.

(Adapted from a letter, Igrot Kodesh vol. 7 p. 337)