Where can I get organically grown, humanely treated, kosher meat?


There may be more, but here are three that I am aware of:

(Obviously, none of this should be regarded as an endorsement of any of these services or of their kashrut, not by me, not by and not even by my Aunt Millie. But if you find their services and standards satisfactory, please let me know.)

Mitzvah Meat claims on its website:

"The farmers we are working with are raising grass-fed, grass-finished animals. In other words, these animals will have been living on pasture for all of their lives. They are not treated with any chronic low-level antibiotics, artificial hormones or other growth promoters. The animals and pastures are not treated with pesticides, herbicides, pour-on substances or internal wormers. They are given hay throughout the winter with additional high quality minerals and supplements if needed, particularly under severe winter weather conditions."

"We are very lucky to have Rabbi Lesches, a highly respected Lubavitch rabbi overseeing the process of glatt kosher certification."

Then there's Wise Organic Pastures. Here's the copy from their steak label:

Grass-fed and grain-finished on organic feed... pasture-raised with unrestricted outdoor access, raised humanely by family farmers, processed using strict guidelines for animal welfare.

Certified organic by: International Certification Services.

Certified kosher by: Crown Heights Kosher and Orthodox Union.

And finally, Kosher Conscience Co-op. They provide humanely treated turkeys for Thanksgiving and fresh raw goat's milk—it seems that's also seasonal.

Like I said, no endorsements here—I won't even tell you whether I've eaten them or not. But you can let me know.