Since 1972, thousands of men from every imaginable background have received successful treatment for substance abuse problems at the Chabad Residential Treatment Center. Graduates of the Los Angeles-based program achieve far above the national average in their quest to reclaim their lives.

The Center’s goal is to give each client the foundation and motivation to lead an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle as a confident, productive member of society. Chabad works to ensure that each graduate has the tools necessary to cope with the psychological, environmental, emotional, and interpersonal triggers of relapse.

Chabad views substance abuse as a symptom of a deeper problem, and the Center uses a psychological and 12-step model that concentrates on the underlying issues contributing to dependence. The program focuses on establishing a structure to promote recovery and improve the quality of life, and places special significance on the ethical and moral growth that is vital to personal integrity. Accordingly, although the program is nonsectarian, it is based on the age-old principles of the Torah, the source of Judeo-Christian values.

5675 West Olympic Boulevard

Los Angeles CA 90036

(323) 965-1365