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For the Kids

Stories for children based on the lessons contained in the first chapter of Pirkei Avot -- Ethics of the Fathers.

Ethics 1:4
Quickly, he took off his coat, and stuffed it into the hole. The water stopped for a while, but shortly it began dripping once more. Soon, the hole would again open up!
Ethics 1:5
"I will just figure out your bill. Hmmm. The wine is worth fifty dollars. The meat is a hundred. Ummm... The fruit must be another forty...”
Ethics 1:6
Finally after three years, the man went to his employer, and asked to be paid. The wealthy landowner however, pulled a sad face “I’m sorry,” he said, “I have no money to pay you.”
Ethics 1:16
Startled farmers saw no one, until they looked closer, and saw... hundreds of tiny, hungry mice! The mice were stealing their grain! They were the thieves!
Ethics 1:17
Rabbi Yehudah had his cooks make some of the tongue properly, soft and tender. The rest he left half-cooked. It was very tough and hard.
Ethics 1:18
Reaching under her cloak, she pulled out a beautiful golden lamp and placed it in front of the judge. “I want you to summon my brother to your court. I know I can rely on you that justice will be done.”
Ethics of the Fathers is a tractate of the Mishna that details the Torah's views on ethics and interpersonal relationships. Enjoy insights, audio classes and stories on these fascinating topics.