The correct blessing on cantaloupe is Ha'adamah—the blessing recited on "vegetables," or "produce from the ground."

When determining the proper blessing to say on produce (other than the five grains – wheat, barley, spelt, oat and rye – or wine), our sole consideration is whether or not the fruit/vegetable grew on a tree. The "fruit blessing," "Ha'etz," is said before eating produce that grows on trees, while Ha'adamah is said before eating all other produce. Thus, although tomatoes, melons, and bananas are all fruits, they are all in the Ha'adamah category. Conversely, nuts may not be considered fruits, but they grow on trees and are thus Ha'etz (aside for peanuts, which do not grow on trees, and consequently are Ha'adamah).

Bear in mind: the halachic definition of "tree" is any perennial that does not renew its stem and does not grow too close to the ground. Therefore, banana trees are not halachically trees, but grape vines are.

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Rabbi Eliezer Posner