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Skills to Successfully Parent Your Child

Children and Passover Cleaning
I am trying to prepare my home for the holiday of Passover but with three very young children, I find time to be so scarce! Do you have any practical suggestions on how I can include my children in my holiday preparations?
The Magic of the Four Questions
A wise parent or teacher who will learn to focus on questions as the key to helping a child develop his "brain power." Here are examples of non-productive questions versus thought-provoking ones...
Boosting Self-Esteem
My twelve year old daughter is uncomfortable going out with friends and agonizes for hours over the things she said or didn't say and what her friends now think about her because of what she did or didn't do...
Embarassed by My Children's Behavior
My children embarrass me in public. They get very wild and rowdy. I am afraid to accept invitations to people's houses because I am afraid of how my children will act...
Snapping Under Pressure
Most of us tend to snap under pressure. In a frantic attempt to gain control of the situation, primitive responses – yelling, grabbing, threatening – take over and the parent loses control of him or herself.
Finding Recreation for the Whole Family
We have a family with teenage children as well as really young ones. I am finding it challenging to go on recreational trips or vacations that would be suitable for everyone. Is there such a thing?
Dealing with Anger and Children
Dealing with angry kids is exhausting, embarrassing and nerve wracking. You need an entire set of strategies to deal with their rage without losing your marbles or your character in the process.
Son Acts Up with Guests
Sometimes when we have company over, my son becomes very rude. Should we discipline him for his inappropriate behavior in front of our company, or should we wait until they leave in order to prevent embarrassing him?
Raising a Difficult Child
Some kids are easier to raise. Others, however, can be moody, stubborn, wild, anxious, intense or otherwise challenging. Parents have to deal with their disappointment when raising this kind of child...
One of a Kind
More on Self-Esteem
It's a very competitive world today. Many parents have great expectations of their children. They want them to be at the top of the class, to be a shining star. Children unconsciously sense their parents' wishes...
Getting Kids Organized
Can I teach my child to be more organized? She's just a total mess! She's very bright and capable, but procrastinates with all her responsibilities...
Older Daughter Sucking Thumb
We had a new baby, and my older daughter, who is almost seven, has just started sucking her thumb. What does this mean, and what can we do about it?
Moody Teen
My seventeen year old can be very moody. There are time when he is wonderfully accommodating but other times the slightest request will make him sullen, disrespectful and irritated. Do I just ignore these outbursts?
Worried All the Time
Having kids is wonderful, but also scary. For this reason, we might look at parenting as the perfect breeding ground for the growth of faith...
Responding to Child Predators in the Jewish Community
About 90 percent of child sexual abuse is committed by someone who has painstakingly built up a relationship of trust with the children, often someone within their community, school or camp.
Is Motherhood Non-Stop Monotony?
I love my children. But every once in a while, I just feel that motherhood is an endless string of tedious, monotonous and un-intellectual activity, which ends at the end of an exhausting day only to begin once again the very next morning...
Family Meals Full of Frustration
My wife maintains that family meals is one of the foundations of strong family life. However, our nightly reality is anything but a contented family catching up on the day's events. These dinners are a nightly exercise in frustration...
How to Deal with a Bitter Child
If you see signs of extreme bitterness in your children you must invest time in developing their Emotional Intelligence, by teaching them to cope with deprivation in a mature way. This is an illness which must be curbed early; otherwise it devours everyone, including the victim...
How to Have a Conversation with Your Children
In today's frenetic-paced society, having a leisurely conversation with our children can seem almost like a luxury we can ill afford. But as parents it's up to us to create a safe, nonjudgmental environment for our children so they feel comfortable to tell us everything and to question us about everything...
Make Time for Boredom
It is challenging for a parent to know when to help a child find a suitable activity and when to wait it out, until the child is able to break through their boredom and emerge into the new world on the other side...
My two-year-old is constantly throwing his food on the floor. I have tried praising him when nothing is thrown and making him pick up what he throws, but he continues to do so. Help!
So Moody!
We all have our moods, our good days and our bad days. However, some people run more or less on an even keel, while others swerve radically from high to low. Kids, too, are more or less moody...
Difficult Teacher
My child is having a very difficult year in school. His teacher's style is very rigid, whereas my child has always thrived in a freer, more creative type of atmosphere.
The Key to Serenity
When I was experiencing difficulty getting to sleep, the idea came to me to make up a list of thiry-nine "sanity cards" that would help me stay calm during crises of all kinds, both internal and external...
The Teaching Moment
Almost everything in parenting is "un-urgent." Parents can take the time they need to slow down, think of an educational plan and implement it. Moreover, this is the only way that a parent can actually successfully impart a lesson.
Difficult Children
Why Are Some Kids so Difficult?
I wish I could say that as a mother I love all of my kids equally. But no matter how much I lecture myself, or try to pretend, the truth is that some of them just seem to push all my buttons and put me on edge.
Winning Attitudes
Dealing with a problem-prone child
My son is the one who will spill the milk, spoil the game, and if nothing else, will manage to find something to complain about. Sometimes, I just cannot deal with the constant chaos that surrounds him.
Daughter is Selfish
As my daughter entered into her teen years, she became so consumed with her wants and needs! We are constantly giving to her, but she refuses to contribute to the family unless there is something in it for her.
Should Parents Apologize to their Children?
There are many parents who present themselves to their kids as if perfect. Such parents never apologize for anything because, in their opinion, they are never wrong. At the same time, they may be very hard on their children...
How to Tell Kids About Divorce
My husband and I are divorcing. We have three young children and despite my own pain, I'm most concerned with how my children will respond to this upheaval. How do we break the news to the kids, and what should we tell them?
The Deciding Factor
How to help a child who can't make up her mind
The very act of deciding limits us; it strips us of the illusion of freedom we have when all options are open to us...
Morning Rush
I get no cooperation from my older son, which means no cooperation from my younger son, who is fond of imitating his big brother. I hate having to raise my voice before leaving the house instead of spending it happily with my children...
Turning Off the Drama
The problem with drama is that it is very catchy. When a kid gets all emotional, he triggers a similar response in the parent. Then the parent's hysteria further fuels the child's upset...
Make Room for your Children’s Creativity
How can we encourage kids to think, explore and experiment?
Baffled by the Book
With so many experts and pundits on parenting, whose advice should I follow?
The fact that so many theories exist shows that no one method has been proven to work for all parents and all children...
Talking Too Much
I have so much wisdom I'd like to convey to my kids!
We have so much advice! And saying those words directly is the easiest approach. Why beat around the bush?
Too Young to Worry About Money
Recently, I watched my daughter play "store" with her friend, and she put back some of her groceries because "she just couldn't afford them." It broke my heart.
The Railing on the Boat
How to Discipline by Setting Limits
Ten minutes of dancing with your child will save you two hours of discipline. A child who's aware of his greatness is a child who will seek to act in great ways...
How to Drug-Proof Your Kids
Research shows that 80% of children enter first grade with a sense of self-worth, and twelve years later, 80% leave high school feeling defective and inferior. The Victory Technique is the only way to "immunize" our children...
Unlikeable Kids
Although parents don't like to say this aloud, it's a fact that they sometimes don't like their children...
Critical Daughter
It is very unpleasant for anyone to live with a barrage of criticism, and it is especially inappropriate for a child, especially a preadolescent, to be allowed to be so openly critical of a parent...
Getting Kids to Help
We find it easier to do the job ourselves rather than spare the time and energy it takes to teach our children to do it. But it's our job to teach them to be givers...
Can't Take
Tali has a very good chance of growing up to be an obnoxious young lady. She may use badgering and battering to get what she wants. She will have learned the lesson that most people can't tolerate a scene...
Getting Your Kids Involved
Finding age-appropriate responsibilities
What responsibilities are appropriate for your child's age? Each child is unique. Remember, "educate a child according to his way"
Discussing an Invisible G-d
When children ask, "Where is G‑d? Why can't we see G‑d? What is a soul? What does G‑d want us to do?" we can tell them that these kinds of questions are actually coming from a place that is connected to G‑d...
My Daughter Hates Me
My daughter has gone to stay with her grandparents after another row between us. She is 16 and I am a non-supported single parent. Our relationship has been fraught, to say the least, over the years and I have said very hurtful things to her...
Jealousy in the Family
When you cultivate a "we" sensibility in the family, your child will feel less competition and more identification with siblings
Can't Let Go
The beginning of her life does not and should not signal the end of yours.
Needy Children
Needy children are that way because of inborn temperamental traits. In most cases, they will remain more demanding throughout childhood. For this reason, parents need to help themselves as well as their child...
If the child is in a seemingly perpetual state of defiance, parents might wonder what kind of "monster" they have created. However, that anxiety can be greatly reduced by understanding that this dynamic is natural and can be remedied very easily...
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