I had a dream about my mother who passed away a few years ago. I dreamt that she was sad. I woke up worried and sad, wondering what the dream could mean. I wonder if this dream means something, and if yes, what does it mean?


Our rabbis tell us that the majority of dreams reflect what is on a person's mind—consciously or sub-consciously. Is it possible that you feel that something going on in your life would make your mother sad? If you can figure out what that might be, perhaps you can change this situation.

If this is not the case, or this is not possible, perhaps you can undertake to do something that will make the soul of your mother happy. Judaism teaches us that our mitzvot – good deeds – in this world can impact the souls of our beloved ones in the next world. So even if you can't pinpoint a reason for your mother's sadness, you can still give her joy. Some suggestions: commit to a Torah study class in her memory; increase in charity in her name; have her in mind when reciting the "Eishet Chayil" (A Woman of Valor) at the Shabbat meal on Friday evening…

Chaya Sarah Silberberg,