One of the guys who attends my local synagogue is a nag, who is constantly criticizing everyone, at every moment, every day. Hey, he even critiques the rabbi! I have had as much of him as I can stand, and in fact, I have actually told him this already. I refuse to be a doormat for this guy and I fear that I may boil over and yell at him. Any advice?


I understand how absurd this guy is being, but I don't see why it has to bother you to such an extreme. Because someone else has a headache, you need to take an aspirin? This is his problem, not yours.

Pray for him that he will grow up and become a mentsch. Pity his soul. Put a few coins in the tzedakah box and ask the One Above to have mercy on the poor guy. Those things can all help. Acid indigestion cannot.

As for the other people he criticizes, you can advise them to do the same.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman for