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Sukkot Guide

Your comprehensive Sukkot Guide includes instructions for dwelling in the Sukkah, taking the Four Kinds, holiday candle lighting, and... rejoicing!

Preparing for Sukkot
The days between Yom Kippur and Sukkot are traditionally characterized by frenzied excited activity, preparing for the coming festival.
What Is a Sukkah?
On the holiday of Sukkot we sit in a sukkah, a hut that sit beneath the open sky, built to provide shade. We spend eight days in a flimsy outdoor hut to demonstrates our faith in G‑d…
The Lulav and Etrog: The Four Kinds
Expressing Our Unity
Four types of vegetation are taken every day of the holiday of Sukkot. Why these four? And how do we go about doing this mitzvah?
Sukkot Joy
In the holiday prayers, each festival is given a short description. Sukkot is simply described as the “Season of our Rejoicing”!
Sukkot Prayers
An overview of all the special Sukkot prayers.
Chol Hamoed
The “Intermediate” Festival Days
Chol Hamoed refers to the “intermediate period” of the festivals of Passover and Sukkot. They are the days sandwiched between the beginning and ending holy days of both festivals.
Hoshana Rabbah
G‑d told Abraham: “If atonement was not granted to your children on Rosh Hashanah, I will grant it on Yom Kippur; if atonement was not attained on Yom Kippur, it will be given on Hoshana Rabbah.”
Laws of Yom Tov
Rejoicing, enjoying, resting from work
Just as there are sacred places, there are sacred times, times to celebrate, times when weekday activities do not belong.
All About Hoshanot
Winding and Willows
Every Sukkot, we march in circles saying ancient chants. How did this begin? What does it mean? What to do? Join us as we explore this unique custom.
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