My husband passed away several years ago. I am now in my seventies, and while I kind of learned to take care of myself, to do whatever is necessary without the help and support of my husband of fifty years, it seems that loneliness suddenly set in more than ever. Is it alright in Judaism to seek male companionship or marriage at my age? I'm not exactly desperate but life seems empty without a partner (not that I think it could ever be the same). I know it's especially difficult when the loss is a younger spouse, but don't we have to live our lives at any age?


It must be very lonely for you after so many years of marriage to suddenly find yourself on your own. As a testament to how enjoyable and happy married life must have been for you, since your husband has passed away the loneliness has become even more intense as time has passed, and you are considering looking for a spouse.

There is nothing at all wrong with looking for a spouse at your age. You are still a person, and you still need love, companionship and emotional support. There are many couples who marry at an advanced age and enjoy a beautiful relationship in their golden years. By all means, search for a partner with whom you can spend your special years!

For more on the Jewish perspective on this issue, see Tying the Knot for the Second Time.

Wishing you much success,

Chana Weisberg for