Truth be told, the idea of a "best man" is not a Jewish custom.

Nevertheless, if there is a specific individual whom you wish to honor, a Jewish wedding offers many opportunities to do so.

Examples of the tasks which can be delegated:

  • He can hold the wedding ring for the groom until the moment when it is needed beneath the chupah.
  • He can be made responsible for the ketubah (marriage contract). The ketubah is given to the bride beneath the chupah, and needs to be safeguarded (or placed in a secure place) from that point until the bride takes it home with her later on after the reception.
  • He could also serve as a witness for the ketubah, or one of the other witnesses that are needed in the course of a Jewish wedding (click here for witness qualifications).
  • The chupah also needs a master of ceremonies, to announce those who will be honored to recite the blessings over the cup of wine.
  • And if your dear friend would like to toast you and your bride at the wedding reception, saying l'chaim and wishing another well is certainly a Jewish tradition...

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Rabbi Dovid Zaklikowski,