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The Rebbe on the Holy Temple

A Preferred Home
Video | 7:23
A Preferred Home
During the three weeks between the 17th of Tammuz and the 9th of Av, we mourn the loss of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem. The Torah tells us, however, that when we study the laws of the Temple’s construction, we are already rebuilding it.
A Work in Progress
"Studying the dimensions of the Holy Temple is like building it"
The Midrash relates that at the beginning of the Babylonian exile, seventy years before the Jews’ return to Jerusalem, G-d instructed Ezekiel to teach them the dimensions of the Holy Temple, because when they engage in its study, G-d considers it as though they built it.
Engineering Light
Video | 7:53
Engineering Light
The windows in the Temple were designed to be narrow on the inside and wide on the outside, representing the fact that its purpose is to shine outward and share the light with the rest of the world. The goblets in the Temple Menorah also symbolize this idea.
Bonds of Love
Video | 6:39
Bonds of Love
Our sages teach that the Holy Temple was destroyed because of the baseless hatred that Jews harbored towards one another. It follows then, that rectifying that problem will be the catalyst for rebuilding it. And Speedily.
The Center of Judaism
The verse states: “They shall build me a Temple, and I will dwell within them.” Our sages teach us that “within them” refers to every Jewish heart. Each and every single one of us, and the entire Jewish people, all share the mission of bringing the light of Judaism out to the entire world.
G-d's Chosen Home
When Maimonides discusses the biblical commandment to build a Sanctuary for G-d, he quotes the verse “Build for me a Holy Temple.” Accordingly, he should have called the section of his code that deals with the Temple “Laws of the Holy Temple.” Why does he instead call them “Laws of the Chosen House”?
Constant Connection
“And they shall build for me a Sanctuary and I will dwell within them.” The Sages explain: “within them” – within the heart of every single Jew.
A Competition That Unites
The Rebbe addresses a children's rally: The subject of your new contest is Jewish Unity. The present month, Cheshvan, is when King Solomon and the Jewish People completed the First Holy Temple. It is an auspicious month for Jews to unite together to merit the Third Temple which we will build with Moshiach.
Rebuilding the Temple
In the spirit of building a replica of the Temple, may you merit to help in building the third Temple with Moshiach.
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