Where there is worry and anxiety, there is little room for happiness. And where there is no happiness, there lies a fettered soul.

What is the antidote to worry? Simple faith.

Worry is the opposite of faith. It is the worship of the forces of nature, the dynamics of the market, the belief that these and mortal beings have power over your life.

Faith is the inner knowledge that there is really nothing else but His abundant love, flowing to you in ways most often far beyond your comprehension.

If so, when His caress seems harsh, embrace it with love. When His kisses pour down in a torrent beyond your capacity to endure, open wide.

Perhaps He is carrying you higher, closer, far beyond your tiny cell into a vast palace of blinding light, because He desires your closeness.

Perhaps He is cleansing your body and soul, your universe and all it contains, finely tuning them to resonate with His presence.

The relentless forces of nature, the vicissitudes of the market, the angry power of human beings—your eyes will open and they will dissipate into oblivion. For they are nothing more than channels of endless love from an infinite G‑d.

This is happiness: Life with Him alone.

Tanya, chapter 26.