What an amazing and important question! It actually made me smile. :-) We all want to be happy and are always looking to discover this elusive happiness. Yet many of us are left still looking, never really discovering and maintaining our happiness.

The rabbis comment: “Who is wealthy?” And they answer, “One who is happy and content with his lot.”

Being content and happy with ourselves and our circumstances means realizing that there is a Boss in our world who is running the world exactly as it is meant to be. Everything that happens to us, and any circumstances in our life, is exactly as it is meant to be and will foster the circumstances that we need for our growth and development. This realization is a tremendous comfort and can be a great source of happiness. Because when we realize and internalize that we don’t lack anything, and the Infinite G‑d who is so full of compassion and wants only what is good for us is really running our world, we cannot help but feel true happiness.

It is also important not to focus on ourselves. If you are constantly evaluating whether or not you are happy, chances are you won’t be. Far better is it to get busy with helping others—and there are so many others who can use so much help. Your concentration will no longer be on yourself and surprisingly the more you do for others, the more you will find yourself feeling so much happier.

One last idea: Act happy. Even if it is not real. Even if, at first, it feels like an act. The more you act happy, the more you might find that it has an impact on your frame of mind and you no longer are feeling unhappy, but your act has become you.

So smile. Laugh. Get busy helping others. And enjoy the beautiful life that your Creator has given you!

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Chana Weisberg for Chabad.org