Part of the insidious nature of the coronavirus is that its death toll has been so extensive, far-reaching and to a great extent unseen. For every victim whose identity we know, and for every story or photo that we share in memory of those who have passed, there remain countless unknown victims of the pandemic. They include the octogenarian in the old-age home who had no family to mourn her, the homeless man who passed away with no one to share his name, the early victim who contracted the coronavirus before it was even identified.

Looking beyond the immediate victims of COVID-19, there are also the collateral victims—those who passed from other causes and could not be properly treated because of a lack of hospital beds; those who died unnecessarily of other ailments because they could not seek treatment; those who lost their jobs and homes, and were overcome by stress-related illness; those who out of desperation ended their own lives.

To all of these victims—those we don’t know and those, besides G‑d, who nobody knows—we remember them all.

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