Anenu is a prayer for fast days recited during the silent amidah prayer at minchah, the afternoon service. It is found in the standard prayer books.

Vidui and al chet are prayers of confession. They are recited even on days when no fast may be held. They can be found in the service of the minchah before Yom Kippur. These prayers afford the bride and groom a thoughtful moment of spiritual cleansing from the long past and a fervent prayer for a creative and successful future together.

The admonition of the saintly Shelah is very appropriate: "The groom and bride need to sanctify themselves very, very much as they prepare to enter the chuppah, because of what the Sages said: 'G‑d forgives them their sins,' and therefore they should repent on the day before the wedding. For all Jews are accustomed to fast, and are alert to the need to repentance and the examination of their deeds from birth to this very day. They should confess and seek forgiveness and pardon and atonement from G‑d. Their regrets should be sincere, with broken hearts for their sins, and they should resolve from this day onward with great strength to serve G‑d in truth and wholesomeness and to be sanctified and pure."