Written in Hebrew: ברוך
Gender: Male
Language: Hebrew
Meaning: "Blessed one"
Variations: Boruch, Bendet, Bendet'l, Bendit, Benedikt

Often paired with its Yiddish equivalent, Benedikt.

Biblical. Jeremiah, 32:12. Baruch was a priest (“Kohen”) and a prophets (Talmud, Megillah 14b). He was a trustworthy assistant to Jeremiah. Baruch transcribed many of the prophesies of Jeremiah (ibid 36:4). When G‑d told Jeremiah to purchase a piece of land, he entrusted Baruch with the deed (ibid 32:12). The Jewish family name Benedikt is derived from the Latin translation of Baruch.

From our master list of Jewish boy's names