The Jewish collective memory is filled with places where our ancestors once built homes and families, established community centers and schools, and otherwise called their own. Many of these locations live on in the stories we tell about the people who lived there, the Torah books we study penned by rabbis whose names are forever associated with their erstwhile homes, and legacies left to us by generations that have come and gone.

To Jews, many of these places have their own names, different than those used by their non-Jewish neighbors. These Jewish names have been enshrined in the Jewish collective memory, embodied by various approaches to Torah study, service of G‑d, and life itself. Today, many of these cities are served by Chabad emissary couples, home to thriving Jewish communities once again. In honor of the upcoming International Conference of Chabad Lubavitch Emissaries, we have collected some photos of Jewish life in these cities. Can you guess their historic Jewish names?