From Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Lubavitch, the third rebbe of Lubavitch, to his in-law, Rabbi Shlomo Freides, around the year 1829.1 Rabbi Freides was suffering from an illness to which he eventually succumbed.

…I understand from this letter of yours how deeply at times you ponder your lack of good health and that pains me very much. If you would listen to my advice, you would distance yourself from this behavior to the utmost degree and remove your mind from it entirely. Just trust in G‑d that He will issue His decree and you will be certainly healed.

By ruminating over this so deeply you are directly damaging yourself, both physically—as we know from actual experience—as well as spiritually. But trust in G‑d removes all heavenly accusations and judgments against you, as is written in Reishit Chochmah, Portal of Love, chapter 12, on the verse “Anyone who trusts in G‑d, kindness encompasses him.”2 He explains there that this kindness encompasses a person and shields him from any judgments against him, saving him from all afflictions of this world.

This kindness is the kindness of the One who is “Transcendent of Time.” It is called “great kindness,” for it shines without limit or measure—meaning, even if a person is not at all fit to receive it.

The whole idea of trust in G‑d lies in this great kindness, because it is from there that ongoing, constant divine care derives.

The verse says, “For His wrath is but for a moment, while His good will is for life.” All the wrath and judgments are incidental and momentary, while divine kindness is the flow of life that follows in a great surge of good will, as explained in the Eitz Chaim.

This is especially so according to that which my grandfather, master and teacher explained (Igeret Hakodesh 10), that when we give charity in amounts greater than a fifth or a tenth of our profits, we create receptors for this unlimited kindness to be displayed openly in our world. If so, in our generation and with the current restraints of our times, when certainly everyone gives more than a fifth of their profit, we are undoubtedly awakening a display of divine kindness to shine without limits or measure. And certainly it will remove all judgments and accusations against us.

Because with kindness of this sort, there are no obstacles or obstructions. As it passes through the supernal chambers, flowing from above to below from chamber to chamber, it doesn’t stop in any chamber to determine whether this person towards whom it is directed is deservant or not. It simply passes through with a mighty gush of force until it arrives mamesh in this material world.

It’s like a mighty river with an unstoppable current, so powerful that no one can harness it for a watermill.

And so I heard from my grandfather, my holy master and teacher, concerning the priestly blessing. He explained that the kohanim with this blessing awaken this divine kindness so that it arrives rapidly into the physical realm—as our sages explained, “He will bless you” means He will bless you financially. In other words, in very physical terms mamosh, with children, health and income.