The Talmud teaches that the best way to increase immunity against all illness is with a healthy confidence in the Director of the Universe.

So here’s a meditation to bring you serenity, happiness and good health. Memorize its flow, set aside some time each day to ponder the ideas, and then let it run through your mind whenever needed during the day.

I am a heaven-to-earth transmission device.

To decrease noise and ugliness in my world, I need to establish a high fidelity, direct connection with the very origin of all things.

What is the origin of all things?

It is the delight and joy the Creator has in every one of His creations, His infinite love and compassion for each thing and for every person at every moment.

So infinite, that it had to be completely hidden, to make room for a universe to be.

But I can tap into it. Because it resonates within me. I too, contain that hidden light.

I resonate with the conviction that at the essence of all things lies goodness, no matter how hidden it may be, no matter how firmly the world may appear to deny it.

I will not let go of that truth.

The earth beneath me may rumble ominously and the sky above may flash fearful bolts of lightning.

But I’ll never let go.

So that my transmission will be a divine signal; a beautiful, joyous signal.

No illness will find entry. No sadness will befall me. Only good and kindness will pursue me.

My world below will shine as the world above.