Children love fairy tales and are completely fascinated by stories of faraway lands and supernatural magical powers. They find pleasure in imagining a world which is so different than the one which we inhabit; a world where good continually prevails, the powers of evil are always eventually subdued, and behind every stone may lurk the genie which could grant a person's any wish.

For many people, the fascination with parallel universes does not disappear as they mature. Instead, they continue to devour novels and science-fiction, desiring to escape – a sometimes harsh – reality, if only for a few minutes a day.

Actually, there is a kernel of truth to all these books. There is in fact a very real parallel universe.

Open up a book of Kabbalah, and you will discover that: a) there are countless spiritual worlds. b) In actuality nothing exists but G‑d alone; everything else—including ourselves—are merely extensions of the Divine energy. c) Everything which occurs is for the best, because all is preordained by G‑d. d) The physical is absolutely trivial. Torah, prayer and mitzvot are the truly important things in life.

There is in fact a very real parallel universeAfter you close the mystical volume, everything which you have studied suddenly seems to be a myth: a) Scientists have yet to discover any spiritual worlds. b) The world we live in is very real and palpable, as opposed to G‑d, in whom we "believe." c) Bad things happen on a daily basis. d) Money, material possessions, and physical enjoyment are really what the world revolves around.

The Torah preaches one reality, and we live in a completely different "reality."

Fortunately, we have been given the ability to change our perception. Indeed we have the ability to live in G‑d's Wonderland.

"Chabad" is an acronym for Chachmah, Binah, and Da'at, the three intellectual faculties of the mind. The purpose of Chabad chassidism is to study about and meditate upon the true G‑dly reality to the point that our mind is saturated with the knowledge of G‑d and we actually begin to view the world from the Divine perspective.

Belief alone isn't enough. The divine reality has to be as real to a person as the physical world (which isn't so real at all...) Love for G‑d has to be a tangible emotion which causes the heart to skip a beat—much as when one thinks of a dear friend. Fear of G‑d should cause a person to tremble at the thought of defying G‑d's commandments. G‑d's providence over every detail of life shouldn't just be a mantra; it should be a reality which brings tranquility and serenity of mind.

The purpose of chassidism is to make G‑d a real part of our lifeAn entity becomes real to a perceiver in one of two manners: a) if it is physical, it can be sensed via one of the five senses; b) if it is an abstract concept which cannot be detected through physical senses, it becomes real when it is understood. The purpose of chassidism is to make G‑d a real part of our life. This is accomplished through understanding G‑d to the extent which it is possible for the finite mind to grasp His infinite nature.

Chassidism is not reserved for an elite, select group of intellectuals. Every man, woman, and even child, is entitled to enjoy a real relationship with G‑d. Join a class on chassidut and prepare yourself to experience the world of the Divine.