In the previous Parshiot we learned about the appeal that was made to raise material needed for the making of the Mishkantabernacle, and bigdei kehunah — priestly garments. Now in Vayakhel we read about the head architect, Betzalel, and the vessels he actually made. We are told that he made the Aron — ark — and a zeir zahav saviv — a crown of gold around it. He also made the shulchan — table — and a crown of gold around it. A third vessel with a crown was the mizbeiach — altar (37:1-2, 10-11, 25-26).

Commentaries says that these three crowns correspond to the three crowns Rabbi Shimon speaks about in Avot (4:13).

In Pirkei Avot (4:13) when Rabbi Shimon speaks of these three crowns, he concludes that “Veketer sheim tov oleh al gabeihen” — “A crown of a good name surpasses them all.” Why wasn’t there another crown in the Mishkan to represent Keter Shem Tov?

A crown is a symbol of grandeur which brings magnificence and splendor to its bearer. Sometimes, one who has earned the crown of Torah, Priesthood, or Kingship may still lack a good reputation due to his abrasive personality. Rabbi Shimon teaches that in reality there are only three crowns. The crown of a good name is not an additional one, but rather the integral part of each of the three others. The three crowns add glory to the one who wears them only if he possesses a good name and reputation.

My dear Bar Mitzvah, according to the above, the three crowns are something that applies to you and every Jew. You can earn the Kesser Torah for your Torah study and observance. You can earn the Kesser Kehunah — for your service to Klal Yisrael when you do mivtza’im — projects to enhance the Torah and mitzvot observance of other Jews. Finally, a Jew earns Kesser Malchut by becoming a leader, not one who is lead by the masses and societal norms, but one who impresses society with his behavior to the extent that they resolve to emulate him and follow his direction as to how a Jew should conduct himself materially and spiritually.

You indeed have the potential to be coronated and adorned with three crowns. But remember, the most important one which ascends above all is the Kesser Shem-Tov. In all your activities you should strive earn praise and acclaim for your impeccable reputation and good name. Mazal Tov and much success in your endeavors.