The chassid Reb Refael Nachman Hakohen related:
On Chol Hamoed Sukkot 5691 (1930) I was sent to a labor camp deep in Russia. I was part of a group of prisoners that was being transported under heavy guard, and thus they led us on foot from city to city and village to village.

While we were walking, I saw willows growing by the side of the road. The day was Hosha’anah Rabbah, and while walking I plucked five willow branches and struck them on the ground. Now I was supposed to say “May it be your will” (Yehi ratzon); however, my siddur was in the baggage on a wagon being driven behind us.

I raised my eyes to heaven and said, “Master of the world, may it be Your will that it is as if I have said “May it be Your will.”