Avinu Malkeinu (“Our Father, Our King”) is a beloved element of the High Holiday service as well as the prayers said on fast days throughout the year.

The kernel of this prayer, which was recorded in the Siddur of Rabbi Amram Gaon (9th century Babylon), can be found in the Talmud. After a particularly hard draught, Rabbi Akiva led the prayers and said the following: “Our Father, our King, we have no king other than You. Our Father, our King, for Your sake, have mercy on us.” And rain immediately fell. This was then expanded into the full Avinu Malkeinu, which has become a treasured and revered cornerstone of our people’s liturgy.

Many tunes have been composed for this touching prayer, including one which originates with the founder of Chabad, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Lyadi.