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10 Days of Teshuvah Essays

Daily Repentance
Why repent out of worry and trembling of the day of death? It is better to repent joyfully, anticipating the coming redemption!
Tightrope of Life
How do we walk this tightrope called “life” without stumbling?
Three Misnomers
The Torah describes Yom Kippur as achat bashanah, "once a year" -- a phrase which also translates as "the one of the year". The Chassidic masters explain: this is the annual point in time in which true oneness breaks the surface multiplicity and separateness that define our lives on the year's other 364 days.
Never Be Content!
The Ten Days of Teshuva is given to us to enable us to atone and repent for any wrong deeds accounted for during the previous year, and to better our way of life in the new year.
The marriage of Isaac and Rebecca symbolizes the marriage between G‑d and the Jewish people, a marriage which is renewed every year during the High Holidays.
On the Essence of Shabbat Shuvah
There is an essential problem in the combination of Shabbat and teshuvah.