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Priestly Blessing Video

The Priestly Blessings
Soul Boost for Parshat Naso
Giving a Blessing
Video | 1:04:56
Giving a Blessing
Practical Parshah - Naso
The kohanim are commanded to bless the people. What is the meaning of a blessing given by one human being to another?
The Blessings of the Kohen
Understanding Birkat Kohanim on Five Levels
The Priestly Blessings Explained
Parshah Curiosities: Naso
This class carefully analyzes the proverbial Birkat Kohanim (the priestly blessings), which appear in this week’s Torah portion, Naso. Learn the answers to why an ordinary person’s blessing can be meaningful simply due to ancient genetics, what do the priestly blessings actually mean on a literal level, and finally insight into why we pray for our dreams during the times these blessings are chanted in synagogue.
Birchat Kohanim
Video | 6:31
Birchat Kohanim
The Priestly Blessings
On specific holidays the kohanim, the descendants of Aaron, bless the congregation during the morning services.
The Precious Artifact
What is our task as Jews?
Reflections on
Spiritual symbolism of the Priestly Blessing
Reflections on
Listening to and receiving the Priestly Blessings
Blessing with Love
Something Spiritual on Parshat Naso
Blessing the Congregation as One
Something Spiritual on Parshat Naso
The Priestly Blessing & The Head Tefillin
Sefer HaMitzvot: Day 26
“And I Will Bless Them”
The Rebbe encourages Kohanim to bestow the Priestly Blessing in synagogue on the Festivals.
Priestly Blessings
People with the family name “Kaplan” are usually Kohens. This Passover, bless all Jews with the priestly blessing, and may we see the fulfillment of “And G-d will bless them.”
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