How can we respond, heal and grow after this past week’s events at Chabad of Poway?

The Rebbe, of righteous memory, taught that the response to darkness is adding more light. Together with Chabad of Poway, we're inviting Jews from around the world to do mitzvahs for Poway.


With Lori's passing, the world feels darker. Go to your Chabad House or local synagogue this Shabbat. Bring a friend and encourage others to #ShareShabbat as well.

Take part in public acts of good: Light Shabbat candles on Friday before sunset, as Lori did. Put on tefillin on weekdays, wrapping the hands that on Rabbi Goldstein will forever be scarred.

Invite a friend to shul and increase in light.

Join the campaign to #ShareShabbat and fight back the darkness with more light.