Any article of food, that you are forbidden to eat, and the article is used exclusively as food, even though you are allowed to make use of it, you may not offer it for sale or use it as security for a loan. Even buying it to feed your non-Jewish worker is prohibited. But if it is something that is not used for food, such as horses and donkeys, you may do business with them. You may also deal in the forbidden fat of an animal, for it is said with regard to it: "You may use [its forbidden fat] for any purpose you desire."1


כָּל דָּבָר שֶׁאָסוּר מִן הַתּוֹרָה בַּאֲכִילָה, אַף עַל פִּי שֶׁהוּא מֻתָּר בַּהֲנָאָה, אִם הוּא דָּבָר הַמְיֻחָד לְמַאֲכָל, אָסוּר לַעֲשׂוֹת בּוֹ סְחוֹרָה אוֹ לְהַלְווֹת עָלָיו. וַאֲפִלּוּ לִקְנֹתוֹ לְהַאֲכִילוֹ לְפוֹעֲלוֹ אֵינוֹ יְהוּדִי, אָסוּר. אֲבָל דָּבָר שֶׁאֵינוֹ עוֹמֵד לַאֲכִילָה, כְּגוֹן סוּסִים וַחֲמוֹרִים, מֻתָּר לַעֲשׂוֹת בָּהֶם סְחוֹרָה. וְחֵלֶב גַּם כֵּן מֻתָּר בִּסְחוֹרָה, שֶׁהֲרֵי נֶאֱמַר בּוֹ, יֵעָשֶׂה לְכָל מְלָאכָה.


If, by chance, you happen to acquire a forbidden thing, for example, while fishing you catch a [ritually] unclean fish in the net, or you find an animal that died a natural death or an animal that has been killed by a wild beast in your house, you are allowed to sell it, since you did not intend [to acquire] it. But you must sell [a living animal] at once and may not wait until it grows fat in your possession. You may also sell it through an agent, although the agent will make a profit from [the sale]. But the agent may not buy it outright, for in that case, he would be doing business [with forbidden merchandise].


אִם נִזְדַּמֵּן לְאָדָם בְּאַקְרַאי דָּבָר אָסוּר, כְּגוֹן, שֶׁצָּד דָּגִים וְעָלָה בִּמְצוֹדָתוֹ דָּג טָמֵא, וְכֵן מִי שֶׁנִּזְדַּמְּנָה לוֹ נְבֵלָה וּטְרֵפָה בְּבֵיתוֹ, מֻתָּר לְמָכְרָן, כֵּיוָן שֶׁלֹּא נִתְכַּוֵּן לְכָךְ. וְצָרִיךְ לְמָכְרן מִיָּד, וְלֹא יַמְתִּין עַד שֶׁתְּהֵא שְׁמֵנָה אֶצְלוֹ. וְיָכוֹל לְמָכְרָן גַּם עַל יְדֵי שְּׁלִיחַ, אַף עַל פִּי שֶׁהַשְּׁלִיחַ יַרְוִיחַ בּוֹ. אֲבָל לֹא שֶׁיִּקְנֶה הַשְּׁלִיחַ לַחֲלוּטִין, דְּאִם כֵּן, הוּא אֶצְלוֹ סְחוֹרָה.


You are also allowed to collect unclean things as payment for a debt, but you must sell them at once; for it is forbidden to keep them in order to make a profit on them. But you are permitted to wait long enough, so as not to suffer any loss on the capital.


וְכֵן מֻתָּר לִגְבּוֹת בְחוֹבוֹ דְּבָרִים טְמֵאִים וְיִמְכְּרֵם מִיָּד, דְּאָסוּר לְהַשְׁהוֹתָן כְּדֵי לְהִשְׂתַּכֵּר בָּהֶם, אֲבָל מֻתָּר לְהַשְׁהוֹתָן בִּכְדֵי שֶׁלֹּא יַפְסִיד מִן הַקֶּרֶן.


It is permitted to deal in articles such as cheeses of non-Jews, whose consumption is forbidden only by Rabbinical decree.


דָּבָר שֶׁאֵין אִסּוּרוֹ אֶלָּא מִדְּרַבָּנָן, כְּגוֹן גְּבִינוֹת שֶׁל נָכְרִי, מֻתָּר לַעֲשׂוֹת בּוֹ סְחוֹרָה.